at the Kennedy Memorial, 2006

Paul Fryer lives and works in London, England.

Solo Exhibitions

2012       Square Circle Star Cross Waves, Guido Costa projects, Turin
2012       The Undivided Light, Hospital Gallery/AFM, London
2012       Lo Spirito Vola, Gucci Museum, Florence
2012       The Electric Sky, Pertwee, Anderson & Gold, London
2012       First Light, KSG, Dallas
2010       Pieta, The Cathedral Of Gap, Pyrenees
2008       Let There Be More Light, AVA/Simon Dickinson, London
2007       In Loving Memory, Guido Costa Projects, Turin
2007       The Tempest (with Mat Collishaw), Biennale Venice
2007       Potential & Ground, Manchester Square Fire Station, London
2007       Sleight of Hand (with Abigail Lane), Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Gran Canaria.
2006       Radiations, Julius Werner, Berlin
2006       Petit Mal Masonic Temple, Kristy Stubbs Gallery, London
2005       Carpe Noctum, Trolley Gallery, London
1999       Sleight of Hand (with Abigail Lane), Transposition, London

Group Exhibitions

2013       GlassStress: White Light, White Heat, Palazzo Franchetti & Berengo Glass Museum, Venice
2013       Tilt To And Fro, Paul Stolper, London
2012       Freedom Not Genius: Works From The Murderme Collection, Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin
2012       The Art of Chess, Saatchi Museum, London
2012       The Substance Of Light, Cuadro/Pace Gallery, Dubai
2012       Merging Bridges, Museum of Modern Art, Baku
2012       High Voltage, Kunstgalerij De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder
2011       Happiness, The Royal Academy of Arts, London
2010       The Term Reality, Paul Stolper, London
2010       Outer Worlds Contemporary Art Society/Deloitte, Luxemburg
2010       Vanitas, AVA, London
2010       32 Pieces: The Art of Chess, Reykjavik Art Museum
2009       The Age of the Marvellous, AVA, London
2009       Tunnel 228, The Old Vic Theatre in association with Punchdrunk, London
2009       Qui A Peur Des Artists? Pailais Des Artes, Dinard
2009       Mythologies, Haunch Of Venison, London
2008       You Dig The Tunnel and I’ll Hide The Soil, White Cube, London
2007       Reconstruction 3, Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe
2007       Young And British, Galerie Mitterand, Paris
2006       Reconstruction 2, Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe
2006       Magnetic Visions, Kinetica Museum, London
2006       New Gothic, Tate Britain, London
2005       The Ark, T1+2 Gallery, London
2002       The BBC4 Launch, Old Saatchi Gallery, London
2002       The Courtauld Collection Show,,Somerset House, London
2001       2001 A Space Oddity, James Birch, A22 Gallery, London
1998       The Quick And The Dead, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds
1996       Lead By The Nose, Livestock Market, London


2012       Freedom Not Genius: Works From The Murderme Collection, Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin
2010       Vanitas, The Transience of Earthly Pleasures, AVA, London
2009       32 Pieces: The Art of Chess. Reykjavik Art Museum
2009       Mythologies, Haunch Of Venison, London
2009       Qui A Peur Des Artists?, Works from the Collection of Francois Pinault, Pailais Des Artes, Dinard
2009       The Age Of The Marvellous, AVA, London
2008       You Dig The Tunnel and I’ll Hide The Soil, White Cube, London
2007       In Loving Memory, Guido Costa, Turin
2007       Radiations, Other Criteria, London
2006       Reconstruction 2, Reconstruction, London
2002       Don’t Be So…, Trolley, London
2001       2001: A Space Oddity, A22 Gallery, London
1998      The Quick and the Dead : Artist and Anatomy, City Art Gallery, Leeds
1997       Art From The UK, Kunstverlag Ingvild Goetz, Munich
1997       The Complete Arthole, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
1995       High Flyers:Clubravepartyart, Booth Clibborn, London

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